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Behind the Burner with Pastry Chef Dilinger Rivera

Behind the Burner with Pastry Chef Dilinger Rivera

The life of a pastry chef isn’t all chocolate, flour and cream.  We sat down with Pastry Chef Dillinger Rivera of Strip House New York to get the not-so-skinny on the best part of every meal...DESSERT!


According to Dilinger Rivera, a pastry chef's day begins early in the morning, even in a restaurant that doesn't open until 5pm. First there is the preparation of ingredients, then the assembly of items, bake time, and finally plating. "There's work to be done from a pastry perspective from the moment the restaurant opens, until the moment it closes."

Even though he grew up surrounded by bakers and bakeries, he didn’t anticipate working as a pastry chef, or in the restaurant business, until post-High Scool.  After graduating High School he attended the New York Restaurant School, but intended to work in business. The only jobs he could come by were in the kitchen, so he started as a line cook and discovered his passion for pastry.

“Living in NYC and being surrounded by so many small pastry shops provides a lot of creative inspiration!” says Dillinger.   

His 24-Layer Chocolate Cake is so popular he gets orders from all around the country. What make is so heavenly, we asked? "The highest quality ingredients, to ensure the very best taste."