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30 Days of Strip, No Tease - Celebrating National Steakhouse Month


This June, Take A Moment To Appreciate...

a filet mignon so tender it melts in your mouth,
a red wine so ripe you're sad to see it end,
a dining room so sexy it creates chemistry at every table,
and a chocolate cake so luscious you may remember it...forever.

Executive Chef John Schenk will also highlight off-the-menu cuts, paired with signature sides, just for fun.

And he's spared us some of his Tips to Achieving Meat Nirvana at Home:

1. Make it marbled.
2. Oil it.
3. Season simply.
4. Don't spare the BTUs (heat).
5. Don't flip out.
6. Rest and relax.
7. Real men sizzle, and use sea salt.

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